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Team Up and Have a Ball

Fall is the ideal time to sign up for winter league play—bowling, volleyball and basketball offer fun ways to stay fit and connect with others.

Do You Parkour?

Vaulting in popularity, this acrobatic freerunning is spiked with somersaulting, jumping and climbing and even running up and over walls.

Disc Golf

Today, disc golf is a worldwide, organized sport, with more than 2,500 dedicated outdoor courses in the US alone, complete with competitions, celebrities and fans.

Be Your Kids’ Personal Trainer

Chances are, if you get up, turn off the television and embark upon a quick walk around the block, your kids will enjoy both the movement and the time spent together.

The Hunt for Buried Treasure

Summer trailheads can tempt even the most diehard computer fans to push away from desktops, lace up hiking boots, pack dog treats and trek into the great outdoors to become their own search engines in pursuit of the next geocache.

Bring on the Beat!

Music is the magic that can boost our heart rate, energy levels and mood—it’s a perfect workout buddy.

Nia: Cardio and Consciousness

Looking for a cardio workout that engages both mind and body with a side order of consciousness? The Nia Technique may be just the ticket.

Happy Trails

Home to more than 200,000 miles of trails, America offers abundant opportunities for citizens to get out into nature, breathe fresh air, escape daily stress and support overall health.

Retro Fit

One of today’s hottest trends borrows heavily from the past, taking the lightweight hula hoop and transforming it into a fitness tool.