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Hidden Treasures

To build loving communities, we need only to locate and engage the talents right in our midst.

Happily Coupled

Couples that relish common interests—such as exercise, work, cooking or spirituality—tend to enjoy more stable, mutually rewarding relationships.

Conscious Caregiving

We can lighten up caregiving by gently supporting ourselves as well as our loved ones.

Healing Hurt

Four simple phrases help us to forgive others, release heartfelt pain and move on with our lives.

The Fatherhood Factor

Walking a child through life tends to make a man less self-centered and more patient, creative and flexible.

The Gift of Empathy

Allowing into our heart another’s suffering and giving our full presence can be a gift not only to the other, but to our self.

Kids Teach Us Joy

The world delights and awes kids on a daily basis. It can do the same for us, too.

The Power of a Father’s Story

Every dad wants to feel emotionally close with his children. Sharing appropriate stories with them—about your goals, fears, joys and triumphs—can nurture strong connections.

Mothering the World

Isha Judd notes that true love of self radiates out to encompass all people, all beings and Mother Earth. By focusing on this transformative, unconditional love, we become universal mothers of the world, helping humanity evolve.

On the Secrets of a Healthy Relationship

Healthy relationships are built upon honest emotions and dialogue. Learn the things you can do to keep and develop heart-based connections.