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Live Your Dash

The little dash between the day someone was born and the date he or she departed ultimately represents every breath and step we take in life. Make yours matter—live in your now!

In the Year 2012

Natural Awakenings conferred with leading authorities to learn their views about the phenomenon of expected world change associated with December 21, 2012.

Economics of Happiness: The New Economy

Is more economic growth always good for us? What is the economy really for? Explore these thought-provoking questions and some eye-opening answers as we focus on how to create an economy based on quality of life.

10 Steps to Abundance

Cultivate gratitude, nurture your dreams and create room for greater possibilities in your life with these simple steps.

Blessed Quiet

Studies have linked exposure to noise with psychological distress, gastrointestinal problems and cardiovascular conditions. Here's five ways to institute daily moments of silence to counter these effects.

Individual Integrity

Climate and environmental concerns are scientific, technological and economic issues, to be sure. But they are also fundamentally moral issues that call us to action.

Music in the Key of Love

Deva Premal and Miten travel to some 20 countries each year performing sacred music for their fans, or as Deva refers to them, "fellow travelers sharing a spiritual journey to the same direction."

A Path to True Insight

Try this approach the next time you face a difficult decision or dilemma—it will help you discern wishful thinking from true intuitive intelligence.

Handmade Happiness

Participating in craftwork gives us a sense of confidence and completeness that’s often lacking in our fast-paced, digital world.

Creative Therapy

Making things by hand engages the brain in special ways.