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The Bright Green Future

Going green is not just a trend—it’s a full-scale shift that’s taken place across the consumer landscape in every market. As the market continuously shifts toward healthier options, companies that produce everything from cars to cosmetics to clean energy systems are responding with greater options and lower prices.

Green School Supplies

Billions of dollars are spent each year on school supplies for children, which impacts our environment greatly. Here are some things to remember when it comes to being eco-conscious with these purchases.

Hot Buys on Cool Cars

The environmentally conscious showroom shopper can take advantage of the opportunity to step into a wealth of intriguing models, sweetened by a buyer’s market.

A Conversation with Bill McKibben

Better Bling

Beneath some precious gems' come-hither sparkle may be a dark side, whose hidden facets reflect a disturbing legacy of greed and violence.

Greening the Office

While many Natural Awakenings readers are making increasingly better eco-choices at home, our personal habits at work can make a big difference, too.

Throw a Green Party

Whether you are still experimenting with ways to live green or are an experienced pro at an increasingly eco-friendly life, a party décor checklist is good to have on hand.

Solving the Mystery of Carbon Offsets

Whether we indulge in an occasional energy splurge, such as flying the family to the Caribbean, or have concerns about the energy load at the office, using carbon offsets can help.

The Dawn of CD/DVD Recycling

Now that America has the hang of recycling paper and plastic, it’s time to begin recycling our CDs and DVDs. We can do it for free courtesy of The Compact Disc Recycling Center of America.


Dear EarthTalk: I’m a hair stylist and am wondering about the health and environmental impacts of the styling products I use every day on my customers.