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Long-Lived Pets

With holistic screenings, improved diets, supplements and early treatment of potential infections, dogs and cats can live longer, healthier lives.

Dog Sports

Yoga, swimming, jumping hurdles—however we work out, dogs can be our best, most joyful exercise buddies.

Outdoor Options for Feline Friends

Most indoor cats still love to explore the great outdoors. These simple guidelines can help you gently manage their fresh-air adventures without worry.

Detecting Disease

Regular laboratory testing allows for early diagnosis and treatment of these serious conditions. Combining conventional therapies with natural remedies usually results in successful outcomes.

Aging Gracefully

Our beloved companions deserve quality of life as they grow older. Learn to recognize the signs of aging and how to ensure pets’ comfort and vitality as the years go by.

Keeping Pets' Ears Healthy

Ear infections disrupt your four-legged friend’s health and well-being. Integrative veterinarian Dr. Matthew Heller offers helpful, holistic advice.

Interspecies Friendships

Offering lessons for humanity, unlikely animal friends—cats and birds; bears, lions and tigers—demonstrate that when basic needs are met, the instinct to protect or play can trump the urge to grab, neglect or fight.

Top 10 Household Hazards

The Animal Poison Control Center has released a helpful list of the top 10 household product categories that typically prove hazardous to animals.

Urinary Health

Dogs and cats sometimes suffer from diseases and disorders similar to those that can trouble their owners. Watch for these warning signals and follow these preventive steps.

Everybody Outside!

A backyard is a place to grow cherished summer memories. Here’s how to create a space where everyone can safely play and coexist.