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For thousands of years, monks, yogis and shamans have used meditation to quiet the mind, find peace and listen to the still voice within.

The Wisdom of Stress

Our feelings are designed to motivate us to action by providing us with experiences of pleasure or pain; they make us feel alive; yet many of us continue to deal with challenging feelings in a Victorian fashion by denying, repressing or ignoring them, so we may superficially cope or deal with life.

Humanity Awakening Becomes the Change

We are traveling together on this spiritual journey of life. We have chosen to be here on this planet at this time. We have agreed to participate actively in fostering the birth of a new era of consciousness.

Create a Personal Renaissance Movement

Life can become mundane at times. As busy individuals, we work, provide for our families and fall into a routine. As time drifts by, we may stop growing artistically in new ways. However, we can change that. We can have a more engaging, fulfilling life.

Charting a New Course with Soul GPS

There are times in our lives when it may feel that we are stuck. We have little energy, listless passion or even lack a sense of true direction or purpose. Without these things surging through our bodies, minds and spirits, we have little chance of moving forward in the pursuit of feeling successful and happy

Cultivate Kids’ Passion and Purpose

Do kids a favor and help them learn how to live a life of passion and purpose. Creating awareness with a child of their gifts and how to use them sets them on a path to live a life of health and happiness in a variety of ways.

Collaboration Helps Preserve Endangered Species

At the nonprofit Bear Creek Feline Center (BCFC), in Panama City, founder Jim Broaddus has developed methods of collaboration to assure that the center thrives.

Creativity Can Be a Healing Medium

Therapists are People, Too

herapists know that it is necessary to take good care of their own mental health, because their clients depend on them. Just because a practitioner may know everything there is to know about stress management doesn’t mean they can’t become mentally exhausted.

Building Mature Love

Research has shown it takes 12 to 14 months for romantic love to transform into mature love.