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Chiropractic Care Aligned with Pilates

Although someone may be receiving chiropractic care and spinal misalignments are corrected, it will be temporary if the muscles and the fascia are not corrected, also.

The Gyrotonic Method of Movement

Running, biking, weightlifting, and even Pilates can become overly linear in their expression. The body needs to be worked in different dimensions, but typical routines do not accommodate this.

Diary of a Fit Pregnancy

Heather Blatz, fitness director at Gold’s Gym in Fort Walton Beach, is a proud mother of three. On her journey, she discovered which healthy living practices helped her with the experiences.

Studio E, Providing a New Nexus

he evolution of Studio E began with stand up paddleboards (SUP). GUSU Paddlesports and Lisa Turpin came together in 2012 to offer something unique to the Destin area, SUP-lates, a fun way to enjoy the combination of SUP-ing, which has become a very popular way to lose weight and stay in shape, and Pilates.

Pilates for Posture

Pilates is a mind and body activity that gives us the ability and core strength to cope with the stresses we place on our system.

The Responsible Yoga Student

Yoga teachers often remind new and experienced yogis to be responsible for the way they practice.


Qigong is known as "the mother of Tai chi," and translates as "working intensely with energy." It was an ancient practice of Chinese monks, used for physical health, mental clarity, a sense of peace and a feeling of harmony with nature.