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Three Ways a Reflexologist Restores Your Body

There are reflex areas in both the feet and hands that correspond to every organ, gland, muscle, joint, bone and body part microcosmically. A trained reflexologist knows how to restore the body balance

Winter Tips for Arthritic Hand Sufferers

Beyond Traditional Medicine

“If at 85 years young, you call me to see if it’s a good idea to go skydiving, then I’ve been the kind of doctor we both needed me to be,” exclaims Dr. Pamela Svendsen, founder and medical director of The Wellness Center at Navarre. She offers her patients an individualized program using both traditional and non-traditional medicine.

The 12 Dimensions of Well-being—What’s Your Wellness Score?

A wellness assessment can provide a valuable inventory of the state of your well-being and provide information on where to start in the New Year. Take our quiz and learn dimensions might need the most change and the motivation to change in each dimension.

Five Unusual Weight Loss Tips

The Passion and Pastures of Jordan Rubin’s Beyond Organic

Jordan Rubin fulfilled a lifelong dream in 2009 with the founding of Beyond Organic, a vertically integrated organic food and beverage company, farming more than 8,000 organic acres in Missouri and Georgia. The passion Rubin has for organic animal farming started with Rubin’s illness as a teenager, when he was evaluated or treated by more than 69 medical experts, yet remained deathly ill.

Seniors Benefit from Community Connection

Beyond the connection felt with inclusion in family life and socializing with friends, research shows that seniors that feel a sense of purpose and learn new things are healthier, both physically and mentally.

Are Food Sensitivities Making Us Sick?

This is the time of the year that we often overeat and feel bloated and miserable. However, many people feel bad after eating even small amounts of certain foods.

Tapping the Mind’s Hidden Power with Hypnosis

Many people believe that we are moving toward a new frontier of consciousness that will allow us to rediscover and redefine who we are and just what we are capable of achieving.

Happiness Leads to Healthiness

Life satisfaction is a crucial component of health. People often seek a nutritional formula to make them slim, have less pain, better sleep and improve their mood, but they are surprised to find that many areas of their life influence the path to optimal health.