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Yoga Relieves Back Pain

Two new studies find that with just 12 weeks of yoga classes, chronic back pain can improve 61 percent and sick days can be cut by 75 percent.

Jog or Walk to Live Longer

Just 90 minutes of jogging a week makes a person 44 percent less likely to die from any cause and adds years to a life, report Danish researchers after a 30-year study.

Sports and Music: A Winning Combination

Listening to music we personally love, no matter the genre, makes exercising feel easier and propels us more easily into “the zone”.

Functional Training Protects Against Falls

According to a new study, seniors that integrate strength and balance training into everyday activities experience nearly one-third fewer falls.

Build Muscles to Beat Diabetes

In addition to fighting frailty associated with aging, increasing lean muscle mass protects against diabetes and insulin resistance.

National Start! Walking Day

If you’re not already a regular walker, take the first step to better health and fitness on April 3.

Toxic Yoga Mats

Typically made of vinyl or PVC, a petroleum-based, nonrenewable source, a yoga mat will continue to give off gases throughout its existence.

Exercise Pinches Salt’s Effects

Physical activity lessens the likelihood of a rise in blood pressure.

Tai Chi Can Turn Depression Around

A recent study suggests the gentle mind-body medicine eases depression while enhancing quality of life.

Outdoor Workouts Trump the Gym

Choosing between the treadmill and the park? Opt for outdoors, to boost mental as well as physical well-being.