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October 2018 Letter From Publisher

Go Eco-Friendly with Lotus Interior Designs

Be Heard and Make a Difference

As young adults and teens, we need to start taking action on issues where we want to see something changed. We can’t just look at these issues and say someone else will do it. We were given a voice and now, as teens, need to use it, especially on issues that affect us more than they affect adults such as school shootings.

Tula Wellness and Aesthetics Offering GAINSWave for Men

Metaphysics World Finds New Location, Hosts Psychic Fair

Michelle Cardenas Heals with Reiki at Bright Way Wellness

Automotive Maintenance, Diagnostics and Repair at One Stop Auto Repair

Three Simple Ways to Get Started With Social Marketing

As small business owners, operators or managers, our lives involve non-stop, on-the-job training. Sometimes it seems we’re running fast just to stand still and sadly lose sight of the amazing learning opportunities granted to us each day (You may be thinking there aren’t enough hours in the day; I don’t have time to think about the lesson learned; this pile of work isn’t going to do itself, so please don’t give me one more thing to do.)

Music In Motion Dance Studio

Special on Permanent Makeup at A Lasting Touch