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September 2013 - Yoga Month

September is Yoga Month and each year, local studios like to introduce new students to all of its myriad benefits.

August 2013

“Never be afraid to try something new. Remember that a lone amateur built the Ark. A large group of professionals built the Titanic.” (Author unknown.)

"Food, glorious food!" - please sir.

In the Broadway and the movie versions of Oliver!, "Food, glorious food, we’re anxious to try it!" are the memorable lyrics declared by the orphan boys as they dreamt and fantasized about better food while going to collect their bowl of gruel from the staff of the workhouse.

The Wisdom of Time

Our Call to the Earth

As we dive into spring in our coastal area, our awareness of our environment becomes more acute. With our sugary beaches and emerald-green waters, the call to the Earth is hard to resist.

I Have a Dream

Just recently, local farmer Chris Wigent handed me a head of naturally grown cabbage and some greens, freshly picked from his side-yard garden. Knowing it was as nutrient-dense as it could be, I cooked it up that evening.

Love Your Body

Whether you love your body or you hate it, you and your body are going to be together all your life, so take care of it.

Happy 2013!

All right, so it’s back to reality; with the holidays behind us, many are now focused on our self-inflicted New Year’s resolutions.

Love Your Life...

A Letter from the Editor