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In with the New and Out with the Old

In with the new, out with the old—time to forge ahead and be bold. Let’s make America greater, cleaner and healthier. It seems to be the time for change, and no matter your age, your past or your current health, it’s never too late to discover and adopt new ways to take charge of the one thing you can control: your own well-being.

Happy New Year 2017!

Christmas Wishes

As we were preparing our letter to Santa, we were reminded of the Grinch—you know, the guy who tried to steal Christmas, and who hated the spirit of the holiday because either his shoes were too tight or his heart was too small.

November 2016 - -

Letter from publishers

A letter from the publishers.

A Letter from the Publisher

June's letter from the publishers.

Letter from publishers

I envisioned myself as a fit, youthful gal starting each day with yoga and meditation

5 Year Anniversary Celebration

April 2016 marks our 5-year anniversary publishing the Natural Awakenings magazine in Northwest Florida and we are grateful to celebrate this milestone with our loyal readers and dedicated healthy living community.

April 2016 - Food Thoughts

Learn about the many growing options we have in Northwest Florida, from organic to even “better than organic”—non-GMO veggies and meats and dairy that are produced in a healthier, more sustainable way.

Letter from the Publisher - January 2016

The possibility of optimal wellness has moved to a whole new level with functional medicine. With all that we are able to discover via blood, gene and gut assessments, there are new possibilities to treat and even eradicate health issues and chronic disease at our fingertips.