Practicing For Life

I believe that everybody should practice yoga. Clearly, that’s easy for me to say. I’ve been practicing yoga for more than half my life—and I own a yoga studio.  

But here's my truth: I’m an Olympic athlete, and I’ve been “practicing” something since I was 6. I love practicing. I love learning. I love being challenged. I love staying strong and fit. I love making myself better; the journey is rewarding for me. That’s why I love the yoga practice.  

Yoga offers endless gifts for our bodies, our minds and the world. I’ve seen thousands of people transform their lives through consistent yoga practice. Our physical bodies get stronger and more flexible by repeating the asana (postures). We become more disciplined on the mat as we learn to breathe deep through discomfort, distraction, stress and uncertainty. We cultivate love, specifically self-love, by practicing mindfulness and nonjudgment. Our awareness heightens as we begin witnessing our habits and mental tendencies. In the yoga studio, we learn the difference between needs and wants.

Yoga practice begins the moment we walk out of the studio and into our daily lives. This practice is about being present and patient, paying attention and breathing. It’s alive when you’re running late and get behind someone driving super slow. It’s alive when your mind says, “Go,” but your body says, “Rest.” It’s alive when you read a social media post that you just don’t jive with. It continues in our relationships, we offer the best version of ourselves to our loved ones and the world. 

The extent to which we take these skills off our mats and into our lives determines how well we are truly 

“practicing” yoga.  ​

Kelli Precourt teaches yoga at Balance Health Studio. For more info, visit, or call 850-231-9288.

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