Happy, Healthy Mother's Day - May 2015

Art by Tataum Ledden


Women’s bodies are mysterious and complicate. But then again, we juggle super kids, stressful jobs, demanding in-laws and messy homes in the midst of setting our intentions and realizing our destinies during yoga class, attending workshop and volunteering where our passion leads us… and at the end of the day, we expect our doctors to know what’s wrong with us.

No one understands this more than Natural Awakenings, which is why every month we focus on women’s wellness with simple solutions and blissful ways to handle our complicated bodies and our inspired journeys. This month, we are pleased to offer an especially wide array of articles featuring the latest advice on natural and integrative wellness options for women, especially concerning breast health, pregnancy and childbirth. Every woman, regardless of her age and stage in life, will find information here that she can use to enhance her physical and mental health so that she’ll be in the race for years to come.

Our feature story, “Rethinking Breast Health,” is a refreshing departure from the typical take on a subject that strikes fear in the hearts of so many women. While breast cancer is a serious topic that should be on everyone’s radar, breasts are not our enemies. Or, as Dr. Christiane Northrup, an OB-GYN and author, so aptly puts it in our article, “It concerns me that women feel pressured to think of their breasts as two potentially pre-malignant lesions sitting on their chests.” Writer Lisa Marshall lists several natural ways to keep the breasts healthy, gives the lowdown on issues like fibrous or tender breasts and breast implants and explains how the breasts serve as a barometer for a woman’s overall health. 

Our readers who are pregnant (or who plan to be) will find some comforting options, from our Healing Ways department on natural childbirth and making the best choice, to local acupuncturist Anaya Palay’s article on improving the reproductive process with the ancient expertise of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Plus, Pensacolas midwife Vicki Taylor-Breheim provides a wealth of information to keep mom and baby healthy and comfortable all along the way.

If you are interested in other complications a woman’s body may mysteriously offer up, our Community Spotlight on Northwest Florida’s first functional medicine practitioner, Doctor Peter Kozlowski, shares his philosophy on “whole health” and how his cutting-edge training and experience can help those who may feel they have no alternatives.

We always encourage readers to recycle or pass along Natural Awakenings after they read it. But if you’re a woman, don’t forget to keep one issue for yourself.  After all, taking care of yourself is at the top on the list.


Happy, healthy Mothers’ Day

Scott & Daralyn Chase

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