Hangout Music Fest KEEPS IT GREEN

In the planning of the annual Hangout Music Festival, taking place from May 15 to 17 in Gulf Shores, organizers are committed to making sustainable choices whenever possible in hopes of positively influencing the health of the planet and the local economy.

The festival partners with Alabama Department of Environmental Management to help inform festival-goers about what items can be recycled, where to recycle them and how to increase personal recycling yields at home. All collected recyclables are sorted on-site and transported to nearby recycling facilities, and event organizers are working with Auburn University Industrial Design Department to explore ways to increase recycling efforts in the future. The audience is encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles, which can be filled for free at water stations throughout the venue.

Beach cruisers are loaned out to Hangout staffers instead of cars because they’re more fun and more practical. At the conclusion of the festival, the bicycles are donated to a local charity.

Attendees are also encouraged to leave their cars parked during the weekend. Bike racks are available near the main entrance, and for those staying more than a bike ride away, a Hangout shuttle pass is the best option. Organizers encourage shuttle use by offering prizes (such as VIP upgrades), surprise artist visits and live performances on the commutes.

Local vendors receive priority and premium placement at the event. The festival works to increase the amount of locally sourced food on site each year and partners with Alabama Gulf Seafood for local seafood.

The lineup features several eco-conscious artists, including environmental activist Xavier Rudd, Rastafarian Damian Marley and the Zac Brown Band (known for their locally sourced farm-to-table pre-show dinners). The festival also has a local artist in residence, Bruce Larsen, known for his large sculptures made with recycled materials. For this year’s festival, he has made a huge mechanical “shaka” hand.

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