2015 Annual Natural Living Directory

How appropriate it is that we should be publishing our 2015 Annual Directory the same month we celebrate our four-year anniversary as publisher of Natural Awakenings magazine. This annual enhancement to our monthly issue brings together the hundreds of practitioners and businesses we have had the honor of working with in Northwest Florida. They are focused on your journey to live a healthy lifestyle and care for your surrounding area and resources.

Natural Awakenings has always been the area’s go-to-guide for discovering and learning valuable tips and ideas for your lifestyle. We understand that as busy, active people, you need a resource at your fingertips to keep you and your family on track all year. In addition to the Annual Directory, this special edition is sprinkled with profiles and spotlights offering a closer look at and important information about practitioners in our local area.

Each year, we are amazed to uncover the cutting-edge developments in our industry and unveil the talented and caring practitioners in our healthy living, healthy planet community. Out of 100 Natural Awakenings publications nationwide, we are proud to say we lead the way in the number and variety of credible natural living resources.

This year, in an effort to shine a light our amazing community, we are thrilled to announce our inaugural official natural living event on the Emerald Coast. As we venture into the planning phase, we can share our vision of the event that will be held at the Emerald Coast Convention Center on October 17, with expert presenters, headline music and entertainment and screening of several documentary films that reveal groundbreaking research by leading global figures.

We anticipate a day filled with mindfulness, stress reduction, meditation and soothing arts, including qigong, tai chi, yoga, guided imagery, breathwork, hypnotherapy and more. Plus, there will be wellness-related experiences such as biofeedback, community acupuncture, oxygen therapy, bodywork and thermography. The weekend will be jammed pack with experiences in a variety of fit body classes, eat well and nutritional workshops, nature outings and outdoor activities. The afternoon and evening will include meandering the weekend fair trade and farmers’ market while enjoying music and art therapy opportunities.

All are invited to explore, participate and support the most robust natural living event of the Emerald Coast, thanks to our readers, our advertiser and all those that have contributed to the success of “waking up” Northwest Florida…naturally.

We invite you to keep our March issue around as a permanent reference in your life to embrace new concepts and surround yourselves with all the goodness that Natural Awakenings offers—for free.

Have a healthy March,


Scott & Daralyn

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