June 2017

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Chiropractic Blends Adjustments, Complementary Therapies to Treat Chronic Pain

Anyone who thinks chiropractors just “crack backs” hasn’t visited Positive Chiropractic Solutions in Navarre

Myofascial Release Addresses Hidden Sources of Pain

Practitioners of myofascial release address the kind of pain that often doesn’t show up on x-rays, CT scans or other medical imaging.

Rolfing Releases Painful Restrictions

An estimated 25.3 million American adults—about 11.2 percent of them—suffer from chronic pain, according to the latest statistics from the National Institutes of Health

Glass-on-Glass Mosaic Workshop at First City Art Center

First City Art Center (FCAC) in Pensacola will offer a three-part, all-levels workshop in glass-on-glass mosaic June 11, 18 and 25, from 1 to 4 p.m.

Proceeds from 5K Supply Service Dogs to Vets

A 5K scheduled for June 24 in Fort Walton Beach will benefit Healing Paws for Warriors, a local nonprofit that provides free service dogs to post-9/11 combat veterans

Heirloom Gardening Class at Ever’Man

Cat McAndrew McCreery, owner of Cat McCreery’s Heirloom Gardens, will be teaching a special class, Natural Remedies for Your Heirloom Garden

BOTE Boards Hit the Beaches

BOTE, the Destin-based manufacturer of premium paddle boards, will be showing off its products at two local beaches throughout the season so people can try them out and see what’s SUP.

Pain Gains Milestones in Treatment