"Food, glorious food!" - please sir.

In the Broadway and the movie versions of Oliver!, "Food, glorious food, we’re anxious to try it!" are the memorable lyrics declared by the orphan boys as they dreamt and fantasized about better food while going to collect their bowl of gruel from the staff of the workhouse. Imagining sausage and steak, followed by custard and pudding, the boys’ chorus finished with great excitement at they shouted, "Magical food, wonderful food, marvelous food, fabulous food!"

We are fortunate to live in a time and a country where we have a plethora of food options, plenty of food to spare and a society in which we can choose to eat where, how and what we want. So why in the world would a company like Monsanto be allowed to alter our glorious food with such impunity? Sharon Bruckman, CEO and founder of Natural Awakenings Publishing Corporation, recently shared an article published by Earth Talk

The so-called Monsanto Protection Act is actually a provision (officially known as Section 735) within a recently passed Congressional spending bill, H.R. 933, which exempts biotech companies from litigation in regard to the making, selling and distribution of genetically engineered (GE) seeds and plants.

President Obama signed the bill and its controversial rider into law in March 2013, much to the dismay of environmentalists. It means that Monsanto and other companies that supply the majority of the nation’s crop seeds can continue to produce GE products regardless of any potential court orders stating otherwise. Opponents of GE foods believe that giving such companies a free reign over the production of such potentially dangerous organisms regardless of judicial challenge is a bad idea—especially given how little we still know about the biological and ecological implications of widespread use of GE crops.

As I reflect upon how Mr. Dickens’ young underprivileged boys were willing to stand up and voice their opinions about the food they prayed for, I was proud and encouraged when I learned that the largest-ever global protest took place this year on May 25 in more than 50 countries by more than 2 million participants against genetically modified organisms (GMO). Protesters raised signs reading "Hell No GMO" and "Leave Our Food Alone," in prominent cities and communities worldwide.

This month, as we focus on Food Watch, it’s not only about the GMOs as revealed in our feature article, "Six Ways to Eat Safe, The Latest Facts about Organics, Pesticides, Seeds and More," combined with our Healing Ways article, "Banish Acid Reflux—Eating Alkaline Can Cure the Burn," I am certain we all will exercise the right food choices and purchases, each making our own stand that leads to a global process of awakening, naturally.

I’m writing this month’s letter from the poolside cabana at the Bahamian Club, in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. I am enjoying my summer days filled with swimming in the beautiful warm waters, walks on the beach, cookouts and long days with friends and family. Summer has arrived, and it’s easy to enjoy the season every day with our July issue packed with summer sizzle. Articles about blissful indulgences, wacky workouts and sexy foods will inspire you to make each day fun and delicious.


Happy 4th of July and summer season!

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