Positive Paths Lead to Positive Results

Dorje Jangbu Bodhisattva

The mindset that we have at any given moment can be our greatest asset or greatest liability. A positive path is created by choice. Within each moment is an opportunity for that choice. Think of it like this. We know the way to our favorite store. We know where to go left and where to go right. It’s the same with choosing a positive outlook. Once we begin to look for opportunities in situations, they begin to present themselves more readily and clearly. Solutions arise through a different perspective.

One way to achieve a positive outlook is through meditation. It has been said that prayer is talking and meditation is listening. We may consider ourself as a pool of water. When the water is choppy with wind and waves, we cannot see clearly to the bottom, but once the wind calms and waves subside, we can see to the bottom of the water more clearly. Daily lives are very “choppy” with activities, children, work and other responsibilities. Mindful meditation allows us to calm and consider a situation with less emotion and enhanced clarity. Through this path, improved decisions are made and better decisions generate more opportunities.

The only actions we can truly control are our own, the only warrior we need to conquer is the warrior within, and the only person we are in competition with is ourself. To conquer the warrior within means that we must learn to control our own emotions and thoughts, rather than being controlled by them.

Positive mantra: “I will approach my life as a personal test of faith. I will willingly seek out the challenges of living and learn through the teachings of life, and through faith, honor, actions and deeds, I will hone my mind as a weapon to overcome the trials of life, to conquer the warrior within, to better myself daily, and to achieve enlightenment in my journey.”


Dorje Jangbu Bodhisattva holds the rank of master chi monk, with certificates in Buddhist philosophical studies and as a certified health specialist from Trinity College of Natural Health. He is the founder of the Waiest University. For more information on the home certification program, visit Waiest.com.

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