Happy 2013!

All right, so it’s back to reality; with the holidays behind us, many are now focused on our self-inflicted New Year’s resolutions. And after speaking about what’s behind us, my rear end has definitely made a statement…. “It’s time to shed some pounds.”

Jude Forsyth, our managing editor, shared that one of her resolutions to reduce stress, was to be 15 minutes early to every one of her appointments or meetings next year. If your commitment this year involves improving your health, weight loss or getting fit, this month’s edition is bulging with local support, classes and programs to help you get off to the right start and reach your goals. Our feature article, “Healthy Lifestyle Tweaks,” offers some less apparent, but simple changes and options for feeling better, like “Ditch the Bra.” I personally jumped on that one, easy enough when you get work from home. Instead of Casual Friday, many of us decided to have Braless Friday.

Whether your challenge is to change your ways or step up your personal growth, you’ll find many great ideas and inspiration in this month’s issue. Starting with our article, “Be Supplement Savvy,” by James Occhiogrosso, to wise words about GMOs, written by Melinda Hemmelgarn, aka the “Food Sleuth.”

I am most excited to share our Community Spotlight on Jordin Rubin, founder of Garden of Life, and author of the New York Times bestseller, The Maker’s Diet. He started Beyond Organic, a company that offers grass-fed, green-fed beef and dairy, cultured food products and live raw snacks. After seeking out such products myself, it is nice to find a company that ships them right to my front door. After meeting Jordan and hosting him on the Natural Awakenings local AM talk radio show, I knew I had to make others aware of this new choice for healthier eating. For the first time in years, I am enjoying dairy again.

Although I have struggled with a weight issue for most of my post-maternal days, I decided long ago that if I can’t lose weight naturally, then I will just stay “fat and happy.” But as I move into my 50s, staying fit, trim and healthy is a different challenge. Exercising more and eating less doesn’t yield the same results. Fortunately, holistic physicians like Dr. Pam Svendsen, featured in our Practitioner Spotlight, provide knowledge about how they can test, analyze and guide me to more balanced hormone levels and necessary nutritional supplements, giving me back that youthful advantage I seemed to have lost.

I hope you are all inspired this month to seek out our many talented and skillful practitioners or try some of the cutting-edge products to help you on whatever journey you have chosen.

Happy New Year and cheers to a better way, a better day and a better future! 



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