December 2017 Peace and Joy in Resolutions

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I start getting excited about the holidays just as soon as the first cold front comes through our coastal area; this is truly my favorite time of the year. But then reality strikes: For me, bringing family together for a few days is like mixing hot frying oil with cold sweet tea. It’s just frightening.

My family is rich in tumultuous relationships, prejudiced opinions of each other, “my way or the highway” attitudes and disagreements so old that no one can remember what they are about. Yet all differences aside, we love and enjoy each other, so we still come together for the holidays.

Given the squabbles in my own family, I’m inspired by this month’s feature on conflict resolutions. In “Peace on Earth,” Linda Sechrist showcases a handful of groups and organizations that have embraced worldwide unity. Through their initiatives have come solutions and tools that help people bridge diversity and manage conflict in a healthy, transformative way. 

For those of us who view January as a chance to hit a personal reset, local writer and spiritual leader Rev. Jamie Sanders explains how we can create our own reality through our thoughts, beliefs and intentions. In “New Year’s Intentions” (page 20), he outlines eight steps for setting realistic and fulfilling goals and then making them reality. 

Lynn McTaggart’s article, “The Power of Group Intentions,” serves as a perfect complement to this month’s theme. Cultures throughout human history have believed that group intention or prayer can effect real change, and now Lynn supports that belief with science, describing experiments in which “groupthinkers” seemed to bring healing to people thousands of miles away. 

If these solutions and tools can help end wars, certainly they are worth applying to all conflicts—including my family’s. Because the reality is that through our differences, arguments and debates, we can create great things.

This season, my intention will be to manifest a peaceful and joyful holiday season for you and yours.

Happy, healthy holidays!

Scott and Daralyn

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