Our Call to the Earth

This month marks our second year anniversary of being the fortunate publishers of Natural Awakenings magazine of Northwest Florida, and it has been a joy. Each month, we develop a stronger connection with our community to bring our readers useful, timely and interesting information, and this month is no exception.

As we dive into spring in our coastal area, our awareness of our environment becomes more acute. With our sugary beaches and emerald-green waters, the call to the Earth is hard to resist. And why should we? Between opportunities for enjoying Earth Day events, sunbathing on the Gulf and opening up our homes for some fresh air and spring cleaning, we all enjoy the chance to reconnect with our water, earth and air. Earth Day events from coast-to-coast are listed on page 25.

Keeping environment front and center, our local Green Living article on page 26, written by Michael Russ, provides some insightful environment and health impacts of sunscreen. In regard to banishing harmful chemicals, our article on page 22 takes a look at five you will want to know more about. For some advice about spring cleaning, we couldn’t help but turn to Peaden, an air conditioning, electrical and plumbing company, for some dirt on deeper issues like household clean air, clean water and conservation. You’ll learn more about Peaden and how they have helped more than 40,000 homeowners in the panhandle become cleaner and greener in our Business Spotlight on page 16.

This month, as we focused on a better future, our attention went to the future’s residents…our children. Our feature article, “The Next Level, Education for a More Sustainable World,” inquires about how educators are teaching our children of all ages to creatively and responsibly meet the challenges of the world’s problems. Taking children to an Earth Day event is one way we can introduce these concepts at a young age. Melissa Addison, manager of the FWB Flea Market, also provided an article this month on page 24, with some fun ways families can repurpose used treasure discovered at local secondhand stores and flea markets.Enjoy the articles, take advantage of the activities and opportunities within our beautiful Northwest Florida communities and revel in springtime.

Happy Spring!

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