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Healing Hands

Rev. Rich Berry isn’t a doctor: he doesn’t diagnose, treat or prescribe. But he is a healer—a calling he discovered two decades ago, when someone else pointed it out to him.

Still Time for Change

Re-Root Through Discovery

Addiction always runs the show. It takes up space in an individual’s life until their vitality has all but vanished and inevitably takes a toll on the lives of those that are involved with the addict. Addiction spreads out wider and wider, wherever there is a vacuum to fill.

Peaceful Protection

Everyone has fear. As long as you control your fear, it makes you sharp. The definition of courage is not the absence of fear, but being afraid and doing what you must anyway.

The Secret Mirror

Those closest to us, like our spouses, our children and our co-workers seem to find their way under our skin unlike anyone else. Yet, our escalated anger, frustration and disappointment could be a hidden reflection of some of our own unrecognized or repressed emotions.

Cover art for Natural Awakenings Magazine, April 2015,

Pensacola native Margaret Biggs pays homage to the beauty found in nature and the spirituality a relationship with it ensures through her uniquely rendered oil paintings.

Positive Paths Lead to Positive Results

T​he mindset that we have at any given moment can be our greatest asset or greatest liability. A positive path is created by choice. Within each moment is an opportunity for that choice.

Guided Intuition

We all know people that manage to always be in the right place at the right time and to whom good things seem to effortlessly flow—the chances are that they're not just lucky, they have developed their intuitive sense in making choices.

Finding Personal Empowerment Through Thanks

Personal empowerment is about learning to ride the currents of the river of life skillfully and gracefully. Being grateful for what exists in the present moment is an effective way to achieve true personal empowerment, and the process begins by accepting “what is” in the here and now.

Empowerment Tools for Joyful Living

Sometimes it feels like every day there is more to do and more issues to resolve. Personal empowerment tools can help keep us calm in spite of weighty issues that arise with family, friends, society, politics, economics and even the Earth.