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Spicing Up the Holiday with Essential Oils

The Willy Wonka of Edible Landscapes

As the fictional Willy Wonka stated, “Everything in this room is edible.” For Cal Chester, everything in his yard is edible.

Synergy’s Super Shots

Synergy Organic Juice Bar and Café, in Ft. Walton Beach, has extended its shooter menu with nutritionally dense concentrated super shots of juice that deliver benefits directly to the cells in the body.

Organic versus Conventional Produce

To know what we are eating, we must understand the meaning of 100% Certified Organic produce versus conventional and local produce.

SIN without the Guilt

Just as soon as healthy living gets back on track after overindulging during the winter holidays, along comes Valentine’s Day, the chocolate bonanza of the year. Fortunately, local Chef Will Guthrie has invented the perfect indulgence without the guilt with his Sin-In-A-Tin Chocolate Pâté, smothered in 60 percent Belgium bittersweet chocolate.

Pesticide-Free Farmers in the Panhandle

Florida Summer evenings are abuzz with the symphonies of our winged, six-legged friends, but during the daytime, these guys have to eat just like us; they may even try to dine on the very same food supply as we do.

Flora Bama Farms

andy Veilleux, vice president of Flora Bama Farms, in Pensacola, has a vision for the farm as a hub where interest in the farm-to-table movement can flourish.

RealFood Panama City

RealFood Panama City was formed in 2012—through the desire of one woman and few others that agreed people in Panama City shared their desire for local foods and needed help finding resources.

Older Adults Have Special Dietary Needs

It’s important for older adults to receive the same nutritional value as younger adults. However, because elders may not burn as many calories as a more active person, they may also need to consume fewer calories.

Chris Wigent is Navarre’s Side Yard Organic Gardener

Chris Wigent envisions all people learning how to grow their own food in their own yards. His garden, on Weeping Willow Lane, in Navarre, is a vibrant vision of all things green, even in March.