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A Conversation with Mariel Hemingway

It’s important to connect nature with food—knowing where foods come from, knowing about local farms and farmers’ markets. My perfect meal is something that is very simple, fresh and seasonal. The key is to use the right ingredients...

Everyman's Rx from Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz shares the simple routins that work for him. Adopt some of these steps, and you'll like your life more in just a few weeks. Plus, you'll live longer.

Everyday Life Lessons from Yoga

Baron Baptiste, founder of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, yoga teach, author and leader in the realm of personal transformation, talks about yoga’s life-changing benefits

Finding More Pleasure in Life

Dr. Christiane Northrup discusses the healthy benefits of simple joys and moment-to-moment living.

A Conversation with Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey encourages people to participate in radically transforming the world by becoming sacred activists.

Wild Attractions

To attract a safe, available partner, you must first have a confidently open, positive expectation that qualified candidates exist. It’s a complex process these days to find a healthy, well-suited individual...

A Conversation with Shakti Gawain

Shakti Gawain, co-founder of New World Library, talks about personal growth, visualization and prosperity consciousness

A Conversation with Peter Rodger

Frustrated with religious turmoil, fanaticism and fundamentalism, filmmaker Peter Rodger set out on a global quest to understand why the concept of God has become so politicized.

A Conversation with No Impact Man

From November 2006 to November 2007, New York City author Colin Beavan, his Prada-wearing wife Michelle and 18-month-old daughter, Isabella, went on a yearlong reduce-recycle-reuse odyssey to cut down on their daily ecological footprint.

A Conversation with Sally Bingham

The Rev. Canon Sally Bingham, a priest at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral, is founder and president of the Regeneration Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to greening faith-based communities.