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Eat Plastic-Free

Plastic containers for food and drinks often contain unhealthy chemicals that contribute to toxic buildups in our bodies and landfills. Try these practical ways to avoid using them.

Shop Smart

Circulate your dollars within the community and align purchases with your values to enjoy multiple benefits, from shoring up local home values to ensuring access to regional produce.

The Six Sins of Greenwashing

Green marketing, the new sweetheart of American business, is on the rise. The problem is that, “Some are accurate, certified and verifiable, while others are just plain fibbing, to sell products."

Water, Water Everywhere...

Despite water’s seeming abundance, we are rapidly overshooting Earth’s natural replenishment cycles. Thus, a vanguard of citizens, communities, farmers and corporations are thinking about water, and its management, in new ways.

How to Green a Business

Sustainable business practices can go hand-in-hand with making more money, through cost savings, increased sales or both.


This eco-conscious celebrity fashion model is taking “green threads” and a sustainable lifestyle mainstream.

Green Chic

Innovation is shaping every facet of the eco-fashion industry—watch for these trend-setting, eco-wise textiles.

Zippy E-Bikes

Ditch the car for one of these fun, eco-friendly ways to get around town and beyond.

Sustainable Beauty

Hey, there, Gorgeous—it’s easier than you think to beautify yourself without dirtying Mother Earth. Try these 21 simple tips to green your daily routine.

A Greener Way to Dry Clean

Dry cleaning, traditionally far from green, has “cleaned up” its act with fresh, new technologies. Learn what to ask about and look for when seeking a responsible, green cleaner.