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Recycling Everyday Refuse

Ever wonder what happens after your blue bin is emptied? All that recyclable plastic, aluminum, glass, paper and cardboard helps the environment, because it reduces landfill—but it’s also transformed and repurposed for a second, useful life.

Rest in Peace

Today’s green ceremonies engage family members’ ecovalues and nature in an intimate, sustainable process favoring biodegradable caskets and no toxic chemicals. The movement is gaining in popularity across the U.S.

Homemade and Heartfelt

This year, celebrate the true spirit of the season by creating useful homemade, sustainable gifts.

Follow the Lifecycle

Everything we use has a lifecycle, or duration of impact. Our cradle-to-cradle chart provides helpful comparisons.

Urban Walkabout

Explore the multiple benefits of urban walkability and learn how to initiate movements towards your own more walkable hometown.

Around the Campfire

Today, the American wilderness we love to explore often suffers from human visitation. These simple trekking/camping guidelines help us tread more softly to preserve nature’s wonders.

Greenwashing Update

Which products truly walk the green walk? Ed Begley, Jr. offers expert know-how.

Eat Plastic-Free

Plastic containers for food and drinks often contain unhealthy chemicals that contribute to toxic buildups in our bodies and landfills. Try these practical ways to avoid using them.

Shop Smart

Circulate your dollars within the community and align purchases with your values to enjoy multiple benefits, from shoring up local home values to ensuring access to regional produce.

The Six Sins of Greenwashing

Green marketing, the new sweetheart of American business, is on the rise. The problem is that, “Some are accurate, certified and verifiable, while others are just plain fibbing, to sell products."