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Feng Shui Fashionista

Tuning into the five elements of nature—wood, fire, earth, metal and water—can help us choose clothing that harmonizes our intention with our appearance.

Live Green, Save Big

Recycling is just a start. Committing ourselves to going green has an impact on everything from house size and car ownership to being choosy about everyday consumer goods.

Ever-More-Green in 2014

Light bulbs, toothbrushes, slow cookers—there’s a multitude of small things we can change for a planet-friendlier lifestyle.

Green Merry Making

A few simple tweaks can make our holiday celebrations more fun for the family and more friendly for the planet.

Crafting a Green Holiday

Fun ways to be creative, be kind to the planet and gussy up your house for the holidays—all at the same time.

Shop with the Planet in Mind

Green shopping means knowing the eco-cost of our choices – such as the fact that it takes 630 gallons of water to produce one hamburger.

Schools Go Green

From pre-K to college, schools are exploring environmental strategies to reduce waste and build sustainability.

Go Plastic-Free

Plastic is everywhere in our home, but we can start taking baby steps to reduce its impact on our health and the environment.

A Green Night’s Sleep for Travelers

Thank goodness we’ve graduated beyond simply reusing towels. Hoteliers are going green by repurposing everything from surrounding lands to soaps, iPads, kitchen scraps and water.

Clutter-Taming Tips

Feeling overwhelmed by “stuff”? You’re not alone—70 percent of Americans feel buried by clutter. Our professional organizers share tips for getting around common clutter-based roadblocks.