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Stay Cool

High summer temperatures may be the norm during the next few decades. These active and passive strategies will help you beat the heat and save money.

The Best Furniture is Green

Breathe Easy — It’s Green Paint

Today’s safer interior paints are durable, affordable, and less harmful to humans and the environment. When considering painting a room or two or three, today’s rainbow of more planet- and people-friendly options allows us all to breathe a little more easily.

Ed Begley Jr.’s Green Home Makeover

America’s most environmentally aware actor is building a new, green home that meets LEED Platinum standards. His wife and daughter dish on “life with Ed” and their daily eco-strategies.

The Dirt on Cleaning

To safely power through household dirt and bacteria without using questionable chemicals, try these green cleaning tips.

The Great Energy-Efficiency Payback

Federal and state incentives, loans, mortgages and tax breaks are available for those who want to improve their energy use while reducing the initial cost.

Goodnight, Moon

Transform your little ones' rooms so they feel happy at home every day in a loving, nurturing safe place, where they can grow into the fullness of who they are meant to be.

The Family Footprint

Many decisions we make have an associated carbon value—whether we commute by train or car; use fans or air conditioning; how long we shower; and how often we wash clothes. Learn ways to reduce your household's carbon footprint.

Eco-Friendly Aquariums

Not all aquariums are created equal when it comes to sustainability. Energy used to run filters and lights is a major concern. Where the fish originate is another, as well as where they go at the end of the relationship.

Green Art

Art and nature have always been the closest of companions. Today’s eco-artists go beyond taking inspiration from their surroundings; they give back substance that helps nature thrive.