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Bike to Work

People might start commuting by bicycle to improve their fitness, save money or support sustainability, but they continue because it’s fun.

Kayaking for Health

For years, much media coverage of kayaking has characterized it as a young person’s adrenaline sport. Lately, the focus has changed to encompass a wider audience by spreading the word on sea kayaking, day-touring and recreational paddling.

Shall We Dance?

From the mambo’s sultry hip shimmies to the foxtrot’s long, sweeping steps, ballroom dancing has captured today’s fitness spotlight as a shining venue for shaping up, improving cardiovascular health and losing weight.

Nia: Cardio and Consciousness

Looking for a cardio workout that engages both mind and body with a side order of consciousness? The Nia Technique may be just the ticket.

Functional Fitness

So, you can bench press 200 pounds, run 10 kilometers in 45 minutes and turn heads when you slip on your Speedo. But, can you hoist your suitcase into the overhead compartment without throwing your back out, or squat to tie your toddler’s shoes without grimacing? According to advocates of “functional training," these are the questions and answers that really matter.

Fun Moves

The childhood pastime of jumping rope still proves to be a fun and excellent exercise for cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance.

Smart Conditioning for Weekend Warriors

Learn about ways to transform yourself from a weekend warrior into a wise warrior.

Gardening As Exercise

A beautiful yard flowing with flowers or a hearty vegetable garden can double as a comprehensive gym. If you garden on a regular basis, odds are you are getting a healthy dose of exercise.

Give Yourself A Housework Workout

Talk about a home gym — your best workout might be right at your fingertips! Household chores are doing more good than you might know.

Middle Management

Our need for a tight torso goes beyond simple vanity. Core fitness training helps increase energy, improve posture, builds a trimmer body and greater muscle strength.