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Eco-Toy Story

Planet-friendly toys are both more sustainable and often more entertaining for youngsters.

Stoned Doggies

Although a certain form of marijuana can ease pet pain, dogs that mistakenly gulp THC-laced food can suffer trembling and seizures.

Message Received

Enthusiastic consumer demand is driving Kroger’s and Walmart’s new emphasis on organic sales.

Stark Mark

Carbon dioxide levels reached 400 parts per million this year, a dangerous level unlikely to change in our lifetime, warn climate scientists.

Safer Citizens

The country follows France and Bulgaria in forbidding fracking because of possible risks to drinking water.

Zoo Zapped

The 140-year-old Argentine zoo is moving its 2,500 animals to nature reserves and turning the tract into an eco-park.

Chemical Testing

An important new federal law restricts animal testing for cosmetics and sets safety standards for dangerous chemicals often used in household items.

Bleep Cheap

Rather than buying inexpensive faddish items for special occasions and sticking them in the back of our closets, there are smart ways we can shop well and stay green.

Thanksgiving Lite

Some lucky gobblers will escape the hatchet this season by being sponsored by animal lovers and sent to farm sanctuaries.

Green Crisis

Out of 391,000 known species of plants, only 30,000 have had their uses documented, and as many as a fifth are in grave danger due to invasive species, disease and changing landscapes.