Conscious Aging

I have had the pleasure and the joy of having my mom back in my home with me after 15 years of being across the country from each other. It wasn't easy for her at first. I talked her into trading her granny-phone for a smart phone, which she still declares is not smart at all. (In frustration, she told the AT&T manager, “This phone is dumb. I believe it needs to go back to school.“) Let’s just say technology is not her thing. We spent our first three months together training her on all the devices in her new home.

My mom is very healthy for her age, even after a bout with cancer 10 years ago. Recently she began joining me for yoga classes, bike rides and gym workouts, which led to her discovering the benefits of juicing, essential oils and sports massages.

Mom’s mental capacities are outstanding. She has a Harvard vocabulary that our whole family appreciates, and she loves to read and watch intelligent, educated discussions on TV. But all the focus on arguments, violence and hate began weighing on her heavily, causing her sleepless nights and depression. Church and daily prayers became her refuge, and then her spiritual curiosity began to develop even more. She became intrigued with her true purpose here and how she could genuinely enjoy this part of her life.

Then one day she came to me and said, “Did you know everything has energy—an actual vibration?” It was clear she was realizing a deeper understanding of her own connection to the world and her spirituality. Over the past few months, I have been in awe of her awakening and renewed dedication to positive thinking, gratitude and selflessness.

I have often looked at aging in terms of stages of development. We develop physically in our first trimester of life, mentally in our second trimester and then, as we fight to maintain our bodies and brains, we often move on to all that is left to develop: our spirituality. Just in time, we are witnessing this stage with the aging baby boomers. As quickly as that generation begins to unveil the meaning of life, discover their true connection with each other and develop their contribution to the greater good, our younger generation appears to be going in the opposite direction—another thought my mother and I recently discussed.

It’s more important than ever that our aging population experiences the awakening, as they will be the catalyst to the change in future generations. Every morning, Mom and I have a beautiful array of conversations that open our hearts and warm our souls. And after each one, it seems like nothing else in the world matters more. Although many of you are on great missions toward making a difference, I can only encourage you to reach out to your elders—pray for them and share your joy with them—and value these small gestures as some of the most important things you can do with your time here.

Look to our September issue for a plethora of positive information and helpful tools. Grab a couple of magazines this month—pass around a little hope and happiness. Those of you with a love of technology can also connect with us at and on social media.

With love for discovery and growth, we wish for all people the greatest awakening.

Scott & Daralyn Chase

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