Functional Medicine Is Cornerstone of Chiropractor’s Practice

Tony Salamay, DC MS FASA

Like so many practitioners of functional medicine, Dr. Tony Salamay has a personal story that fuels his professional passion. Overcoming his own prolonged health issue convinced Salamay that focusing on the root cause of pain and illness is the best way to resolve them. 

“I did not come across the profession the easy way,” he says. “I had a severe injury that impaired most of my abilities that we take for granted. After suffering for more than four years, I found answers to my health problems, which was a driving force that made me want to pay it back and help others with similar conditions.”

For the past seven years, the native Floridian has owned Bay Clinic of Chiropractic, where he helps people with chronic pain and other chronic health conditions by integrating the latest sciences of functional neurology, immunology and endocrinology, in which he has advanced training. He also has a master’s in clinical nutrition and is a fellow of the Acupuncture Society of America. By applying that expertise, he is able to take a customized approach to health care to address the root cause of his patients’ symptoms. 

“My patients return because we get great results,” he says. “Our success rate is well over 95 percent for those patients whom we are confident that we can help. We understand that each patient has a family and a life in front of them. When health problems get in the way of their true potential, we take that seriously and work endlessly to seek solutions, whether it’s done in our office or at another specialist.”

Salamay also considers education a core mission of his practice. “Helping people through teaching, and providing hope to those who suffer, have been a major part of my life's purpose. Being able to express my thoughts and share my ideas with the healthy living community is something that I cherish, and I am humbled to do so.” 

Bay Clinic of Chiropractic is located at 520 N. MacArthur Ave., Panama City. For more information, visit

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