Healing Hands

Rich Berry Describes the Healing Power of the Sacred Light Within

Rich Berry

Rev. Rich Berry isn’t a doctor: he doesn’t diagnose, treat or prescribe. But he is a healer—a calling he discovered two decades ago, when someone else pointed it out to him.

“I was at a remote viewing seminar in Atlanta,” he recalls, “and I met a lady who looked at my hands and said, ‘Do you know that you can heal?’ I laughed and said, ‘Yeah, right.’ Two months later, I felt a force coming off my hands and I started healing people.”

In the 15 years since, people have come to Berry for healing from hurt, both physical and psychological—from injuries, chronic pain and disease to depression and emotional trauma. He calls his healing gift sacred light infusion, or SLI.

 “To hold something sacred is to revere it as holy,” he explains, “and the light is our own inner light, which is a part of the great light of God. And infusion is to add a needed or missing element. This is what takes place during a healing: a needed or missing element is added.”

This sacred light exists in each of us, he adds. “It is our spirit, our true essence, our soul. It is also part of the infinite that is divine love and heals all. Ultimately this sacred inner light can be infused into others, resonating and reactivating their own inner light. Through this process, we are able to facilitate healings.”  

Over time, Berry’s gift became a ministry. He says several factors led to his new calling, beginning with the type of healings he was experiencing. “At times they were nothing short of miraculous,” he says. “People were healing almost instantly.”

He got to the point where, in manifesting SLI, he was encountering the “light” more than 20 times in a three-week period. “Talk about confirmation from God—that was it,” he says. “On average, one out of three people encounter the great sacred white light during a healing.” 

Berry believes that his gift is just a visible representation of a universal human power, and that God is the ultimate healer. “We are all bearers of a great light,” he says. “Deepak Chopra says, ‘There are no boundaries in the light. Once you realize that you are the light, nothing stands between you and God.’ And Jesus was in total unity. No separation existed between him and God. He didn’t just bring the light of God to Earth; he was the light.”

He is also quick to admit that his gift is unusual, even inconceivable. And he has a down-to-earth way of explaining it.

“I don’t provide energy healing—this is not a specific modality of any kind. I don’t even need to know what ails the receiver. There are no techniques, words, thoughts or products. With this powerful force from Spirit, no physical touching is necessary; a sacred space opens up, making communion with the divine very easy.” During his healing sessions, he asks receivers about their experience and helps interpret some of the things they see during the healing session.

Berry also notes that he can pass on his healing gift to others. “With this gift, and with some special spiritual training, they too can become healers,” he says.

It was for his own healing that Berry recently moved to our area from the Midwest. As many people do, he found a sanctuary from his allergies in the unique beaches of the Emerald Coast, which are among the whitest and most homogenous in the world. The sand here consists of small quartz particles—and quartz, a natural form of silicon dioxide, is known as “the master healer” because it is believed to amplify energy and thought, as well as the effects of other crystals.

Since moving to the Gulf, he says, he’s experienced “the greatest healing of my life. I’ve gone from being completely out of breath to running sprints along the ocean.”

Now Berry is sharing his gift of healing with his new community, offering discounted sessions following the 10 a.m. service at Unity of Pensacola on the fourth Sunday of every month.​

Reservations are appreciated—call 314-223-8888. To learn more, visit SacredLightInfusion.com.

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