Cultivate Kids’ Passion and Purpose


Do kids a favor and help them learn how to live a life of passion and purpose. Creating awareness with a child of their gifts and how to use them sets them on a path to live a life of health and happiness in a variety of ways. Choose one or more of these simple ways to guide children to discover their true life path.

Help young people notice the times when they are doing things that thrill their hearts. Ask them how they feel at those times and why the experiences are important to them. Their answers give clues to who they are, which leads them to creating habits that lead to inner well-being. Asking powerful questions opens their awareness of choices that fulfill who they are, both in their personal life and as they begin to explore idea of future careers.

Encourage them to spend their spare time exploring hobbies and doing activities that they feel a passion for. Kids will discover and learn skills that will serve them well in their future. Hours of other activities may be robbing them of critical natural skill-building for their future careers.

Allow them to “shadow” people in a variety of careers and later describe what they liked and did not like about what they observed. This practice provides important clues about what their future career path might look like.

Teach children to take on a project that takes some time. Not getting something finished instantly and working overtime teaches persistence and tenacity. These are important qualities for their future. Encourage them along the way and celebrate their small successes.

Create opportunities to truly dialogue with them about something they believe is important. Being “seen” by another person using deep listening skills is critical to their development. Swap roles and let them listen to you for five minutes. This will cultivate a skill that they will be thankful they learned at a young age to help them build successful relationships.

Teri Haggerty, PCC, MBA is a certified life coach and author in Pensacola. Her new book, Your Key Your Door, Life Purpose Discovery book for Teens, is available at She can be reached at Haggerty Consulting, 850-293-8765 or at

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