Nurture Growth with Self-Care, Self-Love and Nature

What do you mean I need to learn to say “no.” For me, the joy in life comes from being able to do for others, experiencing life to the fullest and never having to slow down. But I understand that this choice also makes me high-maintenance in the self-care department. I have always relied on reflective journaling, positive readings and a daily meditation practice to help prepare myself for the day, physically, mentally and emotionally. In addition, routine bodyworks, chiropractic care, acupuncture and energy healing sessions have been the foundation of my ability to function as always, without the aging process getting in my way.

Fortunately, self-care can easily be woven into daily activities according to Marlaina Donato’s article, “Her Soul in Bloom”, page 26. The message in this story relates to everyone, regardless of gender or age, self-care is beneficial during all stages of life. 

The seasonal change also gives us the opportunity to enjoy nature again which is always gives me a renewed sense of feeling centered and grounded. The popular Nation Public Radio host, Peter Sagal, talks about healing a wounded psyche by unplugging and incorporating the natural world —while running. Much can be learned by his journey discussed in, “Running Toward Mindfulness”, page 22.

Speaking of the natural world, what better time of the year to get the little ones out of the house and growing their own contribution to nature? In "Gardening for Kids: The Fun of Growing Their Own", learn how gardening helps grow healthy, veggie-loving kids as well.

As we begin to enjoy all the new growth this Spring, may we be reminded of the priority of self-care and self-love, with an underlying importance on self-discovery and self-acceptance.

Enjoy this edition, lovingly prepared for you. May your spirit bloom this month!

Daralyn Chase

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