Bridgeway Institute Offers Fresh Hope for Addiction

A number of clinics in the United States are using Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, or NAD, a naturally occurring co-enzyme found in all living cells, to treat disorders ranging from chronic fatigue and neurodegenerative disease to anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. But in light of the national epidemic of drug and alcohol abuse, particularly opioid addiction, NAD’s potential as a treatment is particularly encouraging for patients and healthcare providers, says Jeanne Carson, a nurse and naturopath who is clinical director at Bridgeway Institute, an NAD treatment center in Pensacola.
A former client who completed treatment at Bridgeway says NAD helped free him from the relentless grip of addiction: “NAD is one of God’s great blessings to the 21st century, especially to those suffering from a life-altering headlock delivered by one of the physically addictive drugs, like opiates, heroin, alcohol and benzos. While it can do wonders as an anti-aging product and help people work more quickly through PTSD or get over the hump caused by a mentally addictive substance like meth, weed or hallucinogens, even greater still, it’s the only real, life-saving solution that can, within days, enable a hardcore physically addicted person to truly get their life back. For me, it was the key that made my mind and body feel as if I had never taken that horrible wrong turn in the first place. In short, I found it to be the physical grace that enabled my mind and body to feel as if I had never tried opiates even one time. It was hard to believe this was real.”
 Responsible for more than 100 metabolic functions, NAD plays a critical role in the production of ATP, or cellular energy, Carson says. Insufficient amounts of NAD may manifest itself in many ways. The most common are chronic fatigue, neurodegenerative disease, substance abuse/addiction, anxiety, depression and PTSD—all conditions that Bridgeway treats with NAD. 
While several US clinics use NAD in their treatment regimens, Carson says Bridgeway is different because it takes a holistic, “optimal delivery” approach by incorporating techniques such as mild hyperbarics, ultraviolet light therapy and far infrared sauna.  “I’ve had the opportunity to treat over 1,000 patients with NAD, and I’ve improved the original delivery system by adding synergistic modalities of treatment that enhance the wellness experience,” she says. “The goal is to help individuals find balance through a holistic approach—treating not only the physical body, but also offering emotional and spiritual support as they embark upon their wellness journey.”
Another critical element of Bridgeway’s treatment is its nonjudgmental, compassionate, confidential atmosphere, which caters to the individual’s needs, she says.
Located minutes from the international airport in Pensacola, Bridgeway Institute serves clientele from all over the world. For more information, visit or call 850-471-8550.
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