Hope is the Key to All Wellness

Laurie Beck, author of the memoir, I am Living to Tell, proudly proclaims, “Sometimes you have to invent your own miracle!” Beck was 42 when she started feeling tired. “I felt so bone weary, knocked-out tired that I couldn't do anything. That wasn't right. I keep myself in great physical condition. When I finally got the courage to go to an internist, I got the news. It was way worse than I could even imagine.”

Diagnosed with an incurable form of non-hodgkins lymphoma, Beck recalls, “I was stunned into a mental paralysis. I am not a drama queen. We've been told over and over that we should make this day the best day of our lives. How does one make the day you found out that you were going to die be ‘the best’ day of your life?”

 Beck had spent a lifetime taking care of herself, but hadn’t realized how badly poisoned her body was or how much emotional baggage she had been carrying around. She notes, “My doctors tell me I am a ‘one-percenter’, meaning about 1 percent of people with this form of cancer go into remission without some form of chemotherapy. For now, God has graced me with a new life and I feel led to share some of my healing medicine and give these eight lessons of hope and healing.

Awaken: Learn to stop and be quiet.

Hope: Express that which you desire and believe it has already happened.

Serenity: The body is calmed with every breath.

Healing: Forgive.

Positivity: Shift your stinking thinking.

Passion: Express self-affirmation.

Courage: Be scared but press on.

Humor: Be the fun you seek.

“Healing is a journey, and the body cannot heal until we are at peace in our mind, body and soul,” explains Beck. “There is a saying by the Tibetan Dalia Lama: ‘Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength. No matter how painful the experience is, if we lose our hope that's our real disaster.’”


Laurie Beck is the owner of Pilates By The Sea. For more information, visit LaurieBeck.com.

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