Zen Facelift Facials Now Offered in Pensacola

Esthetician Susan Blanc is now offering Zen Facelift Facials at her office in Pensacola. Blanc recently trained in this noninvasive skin care technique, which uses massage to “awaken” the facial skin and activate its natural ability to rejuvenate. “This is a luxurious holistic treatment that tightens, plumps and revitalizes the skin while you relax,” she says. 

The Zen Facelift Facial was created by Cheryl Miller, a master esthetician and the owner of the Zen Lounge and Institute for Higher Learning, in Puyallup, Washington. She has said she developed the technique to “elevate traditional facial massage to a completely new, therapeutically corrective level,” while still using just the hands.

Blanc, who learned the technique from Miller, says the six-step procedure uses specific isometric and isotonic massage methods to lift, tighten and tone the fascia and muscle, creating new muscle memory. The effects can be seen and felt, she says. 

According to Miller, the visible benefits include improved appearance of the skin on the face, neck, and décolletage; the softening of laugh lines, crow’s feet and smoker’s lips; and the tightening of loose skin, such as droopy jowls and turkey neck. There are also wide-ranging physiological benefits, she says, including clearer sinuses and improved breathing; relief from stress, sinus and tension headaches; better digestive and glandular function; and relief of chronic jaw pain due to malocclusions, clenching or grinding of the teeth.

Location: 400 Pickens Ave., Pensacola, FL. For appointments or more information, call 850-723-8429.

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