SIN without the Guilt

Just as soon as healthy living gets back on track after overindulging during the winter holidays, along comes Valentine’s Day, the chocolate bonanza of the year. Fortunately, local Chef Will Guthrie has invented the perfect indulgence without the guilt with his Sin-In-A-Tin Chocolate Pâté, smothered in 60 percent Belgium bittersweet chocolate.
The award-winning, all-natural, gluten-free gourmet delicacy is handmade in Pensacola, winning first place as the best gourmet specialty product at the 2010 Taste Gourmet Trade Show & Expo, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, sponsored by the Food Network and judged by celebrities from the Food Network.
Guthrie’s family has been in the restaurant business for four generations, and his fine dining experience began at age 17. His mother opened the Oven of Brittany in Madison, Wisconsin, which was one of the first farm-to-table restaurants in the USA. In 1984, he went to work at the Playboy Club in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and his experience over the next 14 years working with major hotels helped launch the famous chocolate pâté.
The original recipe was actually handed down, Guthrie relates, by his “nasty” little French baker, who threw the ancient treasure at him as she stormed out of the kitchen in a huff one day. Guthrie perfected the recipe while he introduced it to five-star restaurants around Dallas, Texas. He either served it plated cold and adorned with options such as fresh berries, liqueurs and ice cream, or at room temperature as a delectable chocolate fondue spread.
Sin-In-A-Tin became a huge hit with people seeking healthier, gluten-free options. Guthrie admits he did not intentionally create a gluten-free recipe, but soon realized how valuable such a versatile treat was to those that must avoid most desserts because of gluten sensitivity and allergies. He was amazed by the number of people thanking him for creating something they could enjoy.
Those seeking diabetic-friendly foods also expressed appreciation after learning they could indulge in this low-sugar, low-sodium and low-carbohydrates dessert in moderation, as well. Sin-In-A-Tin will last up to a month refrigerated and more than a year in the freezer in its appealing eight-ounce tin case. The chances are high, though, that the tasty confection will be eaten long before then.
For more information about Guthrie’s Sin In A Tin, call 850-602-2004 or visit
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