Pensacola’s Only Certified Rolfer Furthers Training

Sharalee Hoelscher

Sharalee Hoelscher has completed more than 300 hours of extra training to become the Pensacola area's only Certified Advanced Rolfer. Rolfing is a type of physical rehabilitation that gets the body moving freely without pain. 

“With fewer than 800 Certified Advanced Rolfers worldwide, people in the Pensacola area can now access one of the most effective, sophisticated, long-lasting methods of resolving pain and movement restrictions,” Hoelscher says. “Unlike deep-tissue massage or physical therapy, Rolfing addresses the cause of pain and movement restrictions. By correcting imbalances in ligaments, tendons, joint capsules, viscera and fascia, the body can finally move the way it was designed to move.”

She says advanced certification enables her to more precisely recognize and correct motion restrictions and function, thereby better eliminating pain and facilitating a return to normal movement. “The advanced training emphasizes the latest approaches to working gently within the person’s comfort zone, so the process itself does not cause pain.”

Dr. Ida Rolf developed her namesake method in the 1950s, after graduating with a Ph.D. from Columbia’s College of Physicians and Surgeons. 

“She was the first to recognize the vital function of ligaments, tendons and fascia as a continuous system of support, organization and movement for the body,” Hoelscher says. “When stuck tissues are freed, positioned correctly and functioning properly, the body can return to its original state of ease, balance, coordination and strength.”

During advance training, Hoelscher studied with some of Rolf’s original instructors, as well as senior Rolfing instructors from other countries. Hoelscher has traveled to Boulder, Colorado, many times to train at the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute, formerly the Rolf Institute, the only school in the country to teach Rolfing.

Location: 4300 Bayou Blvd., Ste. 22, Pensacola, FL. For more information, contact Sharalee Hoelscher at 850-450-8508 or visit License number MA34039

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