August 2017 Letter for Publisher

There are probably very few people who have not been affected by cancer, either personally or through loved ones. Modern medicine appears to be losing the battle against this disease, which consistently ranks as either the first or second-leading cause of death in America.

The afflicted often turn to sleepless nights or Google searches and become overwhelmed by all the treatment choices and advice. Even seeking a holistic approach can be confusing when the most credible sources seem to contradict each other. In offering nutritional advice for fighting cancer, one expert may argue for a virtually vegetarian diet, while another recommends maintaining muscle mass via protein. 

But there is no lack of information about health and wellness, or empathetic caring souls dedicated to making a difference in the fight against disease and chronic illness. Case in point is Natural Awakenings, which is passionate about providing the tools and cutting-edge information to ease whatever ails people, from cancer to sleep issues. Our wish is to inspire our readers to take an active role in their care, which may lead them to greater understanding of themselves—not just physically but emotionally and spiritually. In fact, those nonphysical components may be at the root of our health challenges, as Alice McCall gracefully shares in the story of her personal health journey, “Live Cancer-Free,” on page 22. 

Understanding your own body and the effects of your diet, physical activity, unique genetics and biochemistry are critical to a holistic approach to good health. Fortunately, there are many health coaches, nutritionists and health practitioners in our area who are focused on the individual’s needs and the whole-body approach to wellness. Dr. Susan Welch, a local specialist in dental sleep medicine, is a good example. Rather than adopting the one-size-fits-all attitude that many medical doctors do, she takes a personalized approach to treatment by offering customized therapies to help each patient realize his or her best night’s sleep. Read more on page 29.

The best gifts we’ve been given are the innate wisdom to make the right choices for ourselves and the strength and will to do what is best for our own bodies—for healing and for happiness. So while we hope that you’ll enjoy our publication and use it to consider new concepts and be inspired, we also hope you know that the truth lies within you.

Happy Healing

Scott & Daralyn

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