Empowerment Tools for Joyful Living

Sometimes it feels like every day there is more to do and more issues to resolve. Personal empowerment tools can help keep us calm in spite of weighty issues that arise with family, friends, society, politics, economics and even the Earth. Consciously choosing to use these tools helps to maintain a joyful life, regardless of what is being experienced individually or by others.

Utilize instant manifestation.

Words and thoughts manifest almost immediately now. Use them to create a positive life and reality. Intentions for safety, abundance and support are great tools to have the joyful life experience that everyone hopes for.

Choose to live in total detachment.

Separate from the drama and chaos of the world. Avoid holding onto or expressing negative opinions; instead, be clear about the positive that exists. The idea is to be an observer, as if watching a play unfold on a stage. An observer has the ability to remain neutral and centered while his or her energy continues to flow freely, clearly and unconstrained. In this neutral state, abundance flows freely.

Be aligned with higher self and inner guidance.

When something repeatedly fails to work out, it is usually a sign that another path is needed. Not every path is aligned with every person, and attempting to force something that is not in alignment with our life’s purpose creates unnecessary issues and frustrations. When we seek to manifest only what is aligned with our life’s plan, God and the universe will assist with a quick manifestation. Understanding the needs of the higher self enables positive manifestation that is for both the higher good of the individual and for the planet as a whole.

Avoid exposure to negativity.

It is important to change all negative thoughts and emotions immediately to the positive. Do not hold onto negativity of any kind. Choose friends that are able to enhance energy, not deplete it. Be aware of those that feel draining or agitating, and limit personal interactions with them when possible.

Embody joyful living.

Everyone has different joy triggers, but take the extra steps to include as much joy as possible into each day. Make the changes needed to live fully with joy. It is a high vibration that helps maintain health, enhance energy levels and propel spiritual capabilities.

Dwell in authentic power.

Each person has an authentic spiritual self, meaning not the human ego self. Get in touch with this self-aspect and allow it to be the basis for all daily expressions. When we allow ourself to be authentic, we become empowered by who we really are—awesome and unique. Know that each unique person on this Earth deserves to be happy and is worthy of all the universe has to offer.

Trust that all is in divine order.

Envision only positive outcomes. Remember that the laws of the universe move in both directions. Carefully choose what should be intended. Everyone should take extra care to be mindful of thoughts and words that are released into the world.

Always be grateful.

Gratitude communicates an acknowledgment to God and the universe. This acknowledgement feeds the cycle of wonderful things happening, the things that everyone wants to embrace. Gratitude is also a major shifter of negativity. Changing emotions like disappointment to gratitude helps undermine the influence of other negative energies. Moreover, gratitude just feels good.

Remember that change occurs from within. When we create change from the inside-out, it positively affects all that surrounds us. Each person can be positive empowerment in action.

Alice McCall, BS, MBA and a certified hypnotist, is a Cellular Level Healing consultant and spiritual counselor. For more information, visit HealingPath.info and Wellness WisdomHealing.com.

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