Pet Training for an "OM" Experience


1.      Most animals are creatures of habit and routine. Maintain a consistent place where the pet is located during meditation, like on the sofa, a specific chair or on a floor pillow.

2.      Give verbal commands like, “We are going to meditate now.” Use the same key words each time, so the pet can begin to understand the routine.

3.      Start each meditation the same way. Begin by putting on a chanting CD, soft music, lighting a candle, burning incense or toning. The key is being consistent within the routine to provide a cue to the pet that it is time to settle in for a quiet meditation. Once a routine is formed and the connection is understood between the signifying action and meditation time, pets will naturally retreat into their inner meditation space without being given a direct command.

4.      Have patience. It will take time to establish a pet meditation routine, but soon there will be an understanding of what is happening. Most pets will even look forward to sharing this special bonding time with their owners.

5.      When the mediation is over, praise the pet for its good behavior and meditation assistance.

Alice McCall is the owner of Healing Path and author of the book, Wellness Wisdom Healing, and offers many types of healing sessions. For more information, visit

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