Integrative Chiropractic

The Area’s Thermography Provider

As the only healthcare provider in Gulf Breeze and the surrounding community that provides thermography scans, Integrative Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Solutions has doubled down on its longtime commitment to use safe and natural methods to treat the whole individual, says owner Dr. Karen Cann.

When Cann launched her practice in January 2006, she envisioned a one-stop shop where people could receive treatment, advice and support to achieve optimal health through diet and lifestyle changes “from the foundation up.” So she put together a team of specialists who could offer a range of services, representing a holistic, proactive approach to wellness.

In addition to physical therapy and chiropractic, including spinal decompression, the practice offers massage therapy, custom orthotics, nutrition counseling and individualized exercise programs, as well as thermography scans for detection of breast tissue abnormalities at risk of becoming cancerous. Noninvasive and radiation-free, thermography is a safe, essential tool for women’s preventive health, Cann says.

Together, these wrap-around services help people get and stay well and foster an ongoing, productive relationship between provider and patient. “We listen, we care, and we provide quality service,” she says. 

Location: 4657 Gulf Breeze Pkwy., Units A & B, Gulf Breeze, FL. For more information, email

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