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Women’s Wellness

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5 Year Anniversary Celebration

April 2016 marks our 5-year anniversary publishing the Natural Awakenings magazine in Northwest Florida and we are grateful to celebrate this milestone with our loyal readers and dedicated healthy living community.
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Northwest Florida Features

Pensacola CAN Nonprofit Helps People Launch Grassroots Projects

Many people dream of taking on a cause to improve their community, but starting and maintaining a nonprofit can be daunting. Paperwork, lawyers, accountants, fees … all those vital details can keep groups from focusing on their core mission. Pensacola Community Action Network—Pensacola CAN—is a nonprofit charitable organization that helps people fulfill the vision that began in their hearts.

Myrtle Fillmore, Mother of Unity

It all began with Myrtle Fillmore...mother of the Unity movement...perfect example of an expression of divine feminine energy...receptive and nurturing...the energy expressed during creation.
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Northwest Florida Newsbriefs

Family Fun at Earth Day Pensacola

Earth Day Pensacola, a family-friendly celebration and educational event, will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., April 23, at Bayview Park.

Whole Person Drumming at Wolf Family Farm

Zorina Wolf, founder of Whole Person Drumming, has taught drumming and rhythm nationally and internationally for more than 20 years.

Animal Refuge Launches “#EveryoneNeedsABuddy” Campaign

Alaqua Animal Refuge has launched a new social media campaign, #EveryoneNeedsABuddy, which gives pet owners the opportunity to show off their own buddies while bringing awareness to the mission of the refuge and encouraging monetary donations.
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Magnesium Improves Childbirth for Mother and Newborn

Reduces Fevers and Complications

Legumes Keep Colorectal Cancer at Bay

Nuts and Beans for Colon Health

Red Clover Guards against Menopausal Bone Loss

Supplement for Osteopathic Health

Purpose and Meaning Help Seniors Live Longer

Connection to Longevity

Staying Active Relates to Healthy Hearing

Another Reason to Keep Fit

Cotton Hygiene Items Contaminated with Monsanto’s Glyphosate

Health Products Contain Probable Carcinogen
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Natural Awakenings Family of Franchises Keeps Growing

Fouled Play

Toxic GMO Pesticides Drift Near Athletic Fields

Goat Groundskeepers

A Chew Crew Gobbles Up Invasive Species

Noisy Humans

Man-Made Clatter Muffles Nature’s Chorus

Salmon Scam

Farmed Fish Mislabeled as Wild-Caught

Mm-mm Good

Campbell’s Endorses GMO Labeling

2016 Annual Natural Living Directory