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July Edition

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Letter from publishers

A letter from the publishers.
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Northwest Florida Features

Fancy Footwork

Dr. Cosimo Ricciardi became the first area podiatrist to offer new, nonsurgical treatments targeting inflamed tendons and joints.

Off The Air, On The Road

Pat Crawford is big on exercise, in 2007, he walked 1,000 miles from Jacksonville to Washington, D.C., and in 2009, he bicycled 2,200 miles from Pensacola to Ontario, Canada.

New Book by Tena Scallan

Caring for an elderly or ill loved one can be difficult, exhausting and grueling, the vast majority of home caregivers assume the job with no experience and few resources.

WUWF Highlights

Check out “Living on Earth”, which airs weekly on WUWF, carries news, features, interviews and commentary on a broad range of ecological issues
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Northwest Florida Newsbriefs

Tapping Practitioner Offers Services in Crestview

Deborah J. Laird is now offering Emotional Freedom Technique, commonly known as “tapping,” at Body-B-Healthy,in Crestview.

Local Business Launches Natural Skin Care with SOL

Shine On Living, a new line of “skin quenchers” known locally as 30A SOL, provide natural, chemical-free, environmentally safe hydration and nutrients for skin exposed to sun and the elements.

Beyond Barre Pensacola Opens in West Pensacola

Declaring Your Food Independence

We have the right to know what’s in our food baskets, and where and how it is produced.
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Calcium Pills Don’t Build Bone Health

Supplements Have Little Effect on Density

Colorful Produce Slows Cell Aging

Carotenoids Linked to Longevity

Energy Drinks Harm the Heart

Produces Abnormalities and Raises Blood Pressure

ADHD Meds Weaken Kids’ Bones

Prescription Medicine Linked to Osteopenia

Neurotoxins Identified in Everyday Items

Six New Substances to Be Aware Of

Osteopathy Alleviates Low Back Pain

Alternative Treatment for Sufferers
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Moth Misery

Bright Lights Drive Them to Extinction


Fresh Veggies Come Direct to Offices

GMO-Free Pioneer

New Grain Transport to be Contaminant-Free

Fish Fried

New Numbers Confirm Global Overfishing

Toxic Teflon

Scientists Increasingly Find It Dangerous

Recycling Nutrients

Animal Droppings Help Forests Absorb CO2

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